Cheers footeshwar..on gettin urself this portal..cant say I've arrived though  


And you readers you !! refrain from commentin trash !! if you got somethin that makes sense..say it or hold ur peace forever !!


Thought for the day — To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism….to steal from many is research




  1. wp, very hilarious post ……today i was watching a tv show where they asked ———what does v.v.s laxman stand for(name of the cricketer)and guess who was answering —-was some booby khan or singhania—–he couldnt answer .i was curious to know the whole name but after the anchor disclosed the mystery ,it became for complicated ——still cant recall .I can understand your agony everytime u try to impress a gal.,,,to help yourself try to search for a mallu agony aunt,—————————


  2. hehe warps the one with warped phrases instructs people to post sense…made great sense:-D……..great that ur blog is on the roll too. now we have one more place to go to to get mad:-D…….classy

  3. duhh re jenz..its the agony aunts who got it easy if u understood the post..a cocky view point but a hilarious one ofcourse…lol classy…its a case of frabjous vs warpedphrases at the moment…alwayz thought it takes an ox to know the moron 🙂 its a nice feelin to be on the other side of the fence..lets see how it goes..

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