Day 3

Couple of things have been done so far:

  • On the homepage, last 10 latest blogs (most active first) are shown.

  • beta tag is added to the logo — see top-right of the logo.

  • On the users' b;logs, a slick top-bar is added with quick link to the signup page for other visitors.

  • In the profile page, the date of birth field is hidden now form public.

Avatar tip:


After login into the control panel, you wil see a File Upload link. Prepare a picture of yourself or anything you like, of abt 100 to 150 pixel width, upload it.


Then go to Edit My Profile and give the complete path/URL to the image you have uploaded. Now eveyone will see your photograph.


Alternatively, you can link to an image located to another server/website. Just make sure it's width is not more than 150 pixel.

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