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AssamNet began as two separate mailing lists during a time the Internet was still in its infancy. The two lists were pioneered and maintained by Jugal Kalita (1985) and Deepankar Medhi (1990). In the beginning, it was mostly expatriates who participated in the discussions, since Internet was not popular in India then. The two mailing lists merged in 1998, and a unique and expanding mailing list was born.

Soon the mailing list lost its expatriate focus. With increasing Internet connectivity in Assam and elsewhere, more and more non-expatriates began participation. The mailing list has given rise to a community of people from all the continents of the world (save Antarctica) that discusses issues with passion and exchanges information.

Today, AssamNet has evolved into a forum that gives its participants unfettered freedom to say what they want. It tolerates all behavior, save those that threaten the existence of the mailing list and the freedom it offers. It does not encourage personal attacks on individuals and requests its members to focus on issues. People, who excessively attack other people personally causing an environment where free discussion becomes a casualty, may be permanently banned from AssamNet. AssamNet and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs where the associated mail server is hosted are not responsible and are not legally liable for contents of posters. Individual posters are solely responsible for what they post.


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