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Lately, I am so exhausted from multiple assignments that my blog has become stale! However, I have managed to take a day off from my work and attended the be-a-bartender-in-a-day workshop last month.


thats Bar guru Lama.. giving gyan..


It was great fun day (yes, 11am to 6pm on 28th August 2005) at the Bacardi Fix Your Mix at Agni. the crowd was good-looking, lively, hot! Learnt many things, some great cocktails recipes based on it, like Mojito, Pina Colaba, etc etc. Cocktails, the games, the lunch.. all great fun… Will attend again đŸ™‚


Be my guest and check my bartending skills!


BTW, please check out more pictures here…


  1. That was an interesting post… There's one bar-tending academy in Bangalore too… why don' t you post some coktails Recipes? How 'bout Irish Coffee ….???

    Bangalore has some of the best pubs in India… the last time I went there we did some real pub hopping and also experimented with some of the cocktails…the names are so unique…that basically it was because of the names that I tried my guts!!!…. Brain Hemorrhage…. Graveyard….Between the sheets… were some of the names that still reminds me how sloshed I got!!!!!!


    – 60 ml. White rum (Bacardi Carta Blanca)

    – 30 ml. Coconut cream

    – 120 ml. Pineapple juice


    Add a scoop of crushed ice and blend vigorously. Pour into a highball glass with with ice cubes. Add garnish and serve. Wait for applause.


    Long spear-shaped piece of pineapple, and a cherry for garnish.

    Glass Type: Highball


    More receipies at:

  3. That was so nice… I'm goign to try it the coming weekend!

  4. HI Babul,

    Interesting, but this cocktail is actually Pinya Colada! I dont know why it is called Colaba!! It is a latin american cocktail and is very popular in the US!

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