A listener-broadcaster get-together…

Radio Taiwan International Listeners Club Meeting, New Delhi


It was my first experience of meeting a foreign broadcaster face-to-face right here in New Delhi. The occasion was the Radio Taiwan International Listeners Club Meeting held on 18th February 2006. RTI Chirman Mr Feng-Jeng Linm, host Carlson Wong (host of Jade Bells & Bamboo Pipes & Taipei Magazine) and Vice-Manager Programs, Mr Wayne Wang. The meeting was well attended by RTI listerers and amateur radio operators.


I was an regular short wave radio listener since 1985 till 1995. Due to my present professional status listening to radio is no longer possible on a daily basis.


Fortunately, many broadcasters now put their daily programs into the Internet, which allows me to check what's going on around the world from different perspective. Here's RTI's Internet audio links: Windows Media Player and Real media Player.


If you have a shortwave receiver, you may try RTI's English broadcasts. Check the RTI's website to find out more: http://english.rti.org.tw


More photos of the RTI Listeners Club Meeting are available at: http://babulgogoi.multiply.com/photos/album/9

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