Aghari Atma..First Assamese Horror Movie

Aghari Atma ..the first Assamese horror movie! The poster caught my eyes near Udeshna cinema. Ok interesting I thought. That evening one of old classmate called. I told him very excitedly about this horror movie. ( Don’t know why I have this fetish for horror movies , besides the classic Exorcist I have even watched some third grade Ramsay movies like Virana and Purani Haveli) He very mysteriously said , “Will tell you something when we meet , let me come to Guwahati day after tomorrow. “ He was in Dibrugarh. 

My friend met me after 2 days. By then the posters were all over. He said lets have a look if they have put the name of the cinematographer. I thought may be he knows the guy , after all he is also one cinematographer . It was not there. He said “Well it is the first feature film of mine. I worked in this even before passing out from FTII” . What a pleasant surprise that was! Ofcourse I wasnot aware because I was meeting him after a very long time. He said “If they invite me to the premiere you also come along.” I readily agreed .

There I was after one week or so , at Vandana hall for the premiere show of Aghari Atma. He warned me not to dare to compare it with Exorcist . Chill man , of course he was nervous and I knew the limitations . The movie started finally. Hmm the initial shots showing the casts and the crews names are good. Impressive I said. I could sense the tension of him sitting beside me. Some eminent personalities were present , some only to see the camera work. The long train shot was good , a deserted railway station with a mysterious light man.. nice. There are some really beautiful shots. The special effects were also interesting.

What followed was a story seen by all of us in Zee Horror show or Aahat many a times. As expected the bhoot was a Bollywood bhoot in a chiffon saree singing songs. Anyway as a first attempt it was commendable. There are some silly mistakes like they refer to the haunted house which is a modern RCC building; as an ancestral “hauli”. The performances are good but sometimes loud which is very normal in Assamese movies. Songs; there isnot a single one I liked except for the song sang by the bhoot which is of course hummable. As the possessed child the child artist was really good. The “atma “ was “aghari” because it was looking for revenge and therefore had no rest roaming about the “Kakoti hauli”. It was rather a restless spirit than a homeless one!!!

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  1. Thanks for updating up about Aghori Atma. That seems to be a good effort for an Assamese horror movie. So, was there a song in the movie the way it happens in Hindi horror movies? 🙂 As a follow up, I re-watched Exorcist I and II and once again wow'ed the classics. I like Exocist-II as well. But, it again makes me angry to realize the copy thing in Hindi horror, Bhoot. Shameless these directors are!!

    I will remember to watch Aghori Atma in my next visit to Asom…hope to get scared 🙂

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