Long time no blog…

It's been a long long time since I last blogged…


The other day, someone asked me, “Do you blog?” And, all of a sudden I remembered that I did, well…ok… I used to. It's just that I got busy trying to run my life…hushand, baby, work, blah blah blah…


So, wat got me back? It's just that I am in no mood to work (I am actually neck-deep in it), no mood to chat, tired of browsing the net and desperately missing my pals in Ghy (Jinti called yesterday and that got me nostalgic)…


Now, that I am back, I don't know what to write about (heh heh, I am brimming with ideas and news and I don't know where to start)…


Let me start a thread on something that I have been curious about…it's related to my profession and I would like to know where I'll stand if I ever get back to Guwahati…(hmmmm…back to dreamland…again)


Folks in Guwahati reading this post, plz. let me know 

  • Are you aware of any form of technical writing being done in Ghy

  • If there is any scope for technical writing in Ghy or Assam

  • Do you know any Assamese technical writers or any tech writer based out of Guwahati?

If you do have some pointers, plz. shoot me a mail. 


– TIA Matu


(P.S: I'll be back soon…Promise :-))


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  1. welcome back..

  2. hi,

    just 2day i've read ur appeal and i think i may provide some information ur seeking. i m devo jyoti borah, a tiny writer of computer sc., internet & IT. i m from jorhat. i've write a few books on the same & i m a regular columnist of three assamese newspaper/megezines. do contact me if u plz.

    my e-mail id is : devojborah@yahoo.co.in

    thanking u.



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