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Lets have a little knowledge in our own mother tongue that is Assamese.


For long I had been hearing from others in several discussions that Assamese and Bengali languages are almost similar and the first one might have got derived from the second one. And I also started believing like tat only. Like me many of you also have the idea that Assamese may be an Apvransha of Bengali Language.


But recently going through different journals I found that it is not true at all. Neither Assamese is an Apvransha of Bengali nor its have any sister relation with the other. They got the similiarity because they originated from the Sanskrit-the mother of all Indian Languages.


The Sanskrit had two simplified forms-Pali and prakrit. From Prakrit four new forms were derived i.e. Magadhi,Paisakhi,Daksini and Maharastri.
Instead of terming the new forms as Apvransha, the term Simplified will be more accurate for this phenomenon of deriving a prominent language from an another language.

The Magadhi had again four simplifications and they are -Banga,barh,barendra and kamrupi.
Bangali language spoken in
East Bengal originated from Banga,West Bengal from Barh and South from Barendra.
And Assamese language is the simplification of the kamrupi.Kamrupi origin languages cover from Koch Bihar,rongpur,jalpaiguri to
Assam. Historically, ancient Assam(Pragjyotish) covered from koch bihar to present west Assam.

And modern form of Assamese language has been reached with the sublimation of Tai and Kamrupi.


About writing in Assamese Language have a glance in this link:


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