why dont we have a week end meet?

Dear friends
Greetings, people who are writing here in the blog are less but cool and smart people :), well, me babul, hazel, and some of the others had a nice get together in last month, hope it was 11th or 16th? so why dont we have another get together this week end??? response plz… with location….


  1. Count me in this time!

    Last time I had an attack of viral fever, hope not this time.


  2. Hi inxandu

    well, we will have a nice get together on coming 4th? evening? because just before talked with babul, he said he can also join with us if it willbe on 4th, ok guys, tell me will it be ok for you? and he suggested the same old Trafik restaurant for the meeting? with some good discounts too ;), so, if somebody needs some change also please specify the spot and the date to meet, anticipating your replies soon 🙂 great day:)


  3. Trafik's fine with me. 4th.thats a weekday. So cant say now. Anyway, will try my best to come to meet u, BG and hopefully some new friends too.

  4. Hi

    that will be a week's last day, ie friday 🙂 so, after your office hrs, you can come and join na? I hope there will not be any problem for you? anyway, let me know others openions too 🙂


  5. so not a problem!

  6. 4th seems ok but would it be after 6? Anyways do fix the time & send us all the time date everythin fixed – maybe e-mail us all or we keep ooglin at ur site:)))


  7. hi

    thanks for your response, and let me say another thing, this time can we organise this in an organised manner technically? some persons can take responsibilities, first let us have our contact numbers, and real names in emails, something like that, it will be fine i hope? what you say? hazel?

  8. Is it an official get-together or we can also join from outside? whether guests are also allowed? If its allowed wots the vanue?

  9. Dear ankur

    you can also join in this meet, as i mentioned in this message, this is for the bloggers in this bihu.in and for the users , visitors of this site also 🙂 ok? venue sofar not fixed , but probably it will be trafik restaurent, silpukuri, guwahati, and day will be around 4th of next month…thats that 🙂

    good day


  10. pls suggest if u ave any other nice venue in mind.

  11. I have heard abt Trafik restura first time here…dont know how it is….apart form it..can it be in Jalpari or mingroom..somewhere in open place?

  12. well ,

    for this question I hope hazel or babul will answer you I hope, because we had the meet last month at TRAFIK, so, let them share their feelings here, according to me, it is a nice place, last time I missed something, this time it should be pakka planned and perfect 🙂 good day


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