Are you blogged out too?

The recent ban on certain blog sites and websites by Government authorities and which is foolishly implemented by different ISP's shows how the concerned departments as well as the ISP's are managed inadequately or inefficiently! The ban was to be implemented to a few odd blog/sites and the result is blocking the entire domains!


But technically, is it a full-proof ban on access to those blogs/websites? It is NOT. These days web surfers are getting smarter day by day.


To name a few, you can still access the blocked sites thru:


·        Proxyfying.., e.g.

·        Using google translate

·        Firefox Extension..

·        Using Google Web Accelerator..

·        Using a RSS Reader..

·        Many more..


So whose purpose is fulfilling by this ban?


Any idea?



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  1. anyway i put this matter in my blog too 🙂 and mentioned about you and your work there , let me see the feedback there 🙂 thats that, dont forget on 4th meeting yar 😀


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