Robo soccer in Guwahati

The IIT, Guwhati seemed to have pushed Guwahati into a hi-tech domain. Guwahatians will get to see a new form of soccer — played by artificially imbeded Zidanes and Ronaldinhos trying their skills on a wooden table with Table Tennis balls.


The IIT, Guwhati will be hosing a Robo Soccer event as part of its  three-day 'Techniche 2006', an annual technological fair. More than 70 teams are expected to participate. There will be other robotic events as well.

The Rules of the game:
Each team bringing a self-designed robot, and played in a wooden arena measuring 230 cm x 125 cm. In all there would be four teams participating in a single match in the arena divided into two halves. Two strikers try to hit goals and the goalkeepers try to defend the goalposts. The four robots then have their roles reversed. The pint-sized wired robots measuring 20cm x 20cm x 15cm would use a table tennis ball for the match. Points would be awarded to the striker for hitting the goal whereas goalkeepers lose points for failing to save.

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