Koldil found in Delhi

I got an opportunity to go to Jorhat and Guwahati on some official work last week. My wife told me to bring Koldil and Kecha Haladhi on return. Obliging her wish, my mother sent three Koldils for her. But we had a surprise this evening when we found Koldil and also Pochola at a local vegetable market in Delhi. In fact there were others surprises like Kazi Nemu, though not the exact variety we find in Assam.


If you happen to live in Delhi, I am certain that you will like to know where these things are available. We found these Assamese delicacies in a weekly vegetable market in the Patparganj Society area in East Delhi. This market is held on Saturday on the road next to the National Victor School. This is on the connecting road between NH-24 and Vikas Marg – Gazipur Mandi road. The place is close to the East Delhi Mall (EDM).


In Delhi you have four options to buy vegetables. Number one is the Mother dairy outlets, second is the vendor next corner, third the local sabzi mandi and finally the food bazar’s in the Malls like Big Bazar. Of these the vendors next corner are the costliest for the comfort they provide of proximity. Some people are very rich and do not bother spending those extra bucks and these vendors thrives on them. Mother Dairy outlets are cheapest but you will feel lucky if you get fresh vegetables there. So the obvious choice for people like is the Sabzi Mandi or the local vegetable market. Till about a fortnight back, the daily vegetable market at Mandawali near the Patparganj Society area were our source of vegetables. The rates here were reasonable enough. We were happy to find things like Bhat Kerala and Lechera in this market. We have missed things like Oou Tenga and Rabab Tenga which were available in the markets at Dehradun. Only a couple of weeks back we thought of trying out this weekly market not very far from the society we live.

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