Condom advertising slogans


KamaSutra condoms
Ad slogan: KamaSutra. For the pleasure of sensual living


LifeStyles Brand Condoms
Ad slogans:
Proven Protection That Feels Really Good!
                  Feel Good. Play Safe.
(4 Play by Lifestyles)


Jimmie Hatz Condoms
Motto: The Official Condom Of The Hip Hop Kulture



Durex Condoms
Slogans: For a hundred million reasons (European campaign)

              Durex. Made to make you last longer
              Better Shape, Better Sex
              Once you try it you would never do without it
              Good news for your sex life, bad news for beds
              Durex. Crowdstopper


Sagami Condoms
Slogan: Sagami. The improved polyurethane condom.


Jontex Condoms
Advertising slogan: Jontex. The safest


Jiffi Australian Condoms
The thinking man's condom
              Real men do it in a Jiffi


Harmony Condoms, India
Try something new tonight!
              Harmony. Safe love

Okamoto, Japanese brand
Advertising slogan: Okamoto. Super Fine!


Manix, French condoms
The world's thinnest condom
              Less latex, more sex
(Manix 0,02)

Joy Condoms, Brazil
Advertising slogan: The safest love


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  1. Saw that father's day ad by Durex….thats something great in terms of advertising. !

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