Nandini Jumani aka Jumoni Neog

Few days back I read about this girl somewhere. Nandini Jumani aka Krazy Kat aka Jumoni Neog. A Google search on Nandini Jumani produced 448 results as against 292000 for Rakhi.  Yet the lady from Biswanath Chariali managed to have grabbed the limelight by positioning herself as arch rival to Rakhi.  The lady has a blog too, though very new.



She is one of those few from Assam who had made it to the Mumbai tinsel town. With two hit videos in her portfolio, Nandini is reported to have given Rakhi so much run for her money that Rakhi had started threatening her. Nandini has now been tipped to play the role of Rakhi in Mika’s next video, which meant to have a poke at Rakhi and her infamous kiss.


Jumoni Neog became Nandini Jumani on her way to success. Does a change in name helps in success? Hailing from the small town of Biswanath Chariali, she reminded me of one of my senior. His name was Hirnaya Gogoi. Gogogida, as we called him, hailed from a place called Ghilamora in Lakhimpur. He always wanted to go aboard and was somehow unhappy with his name. He felt it was out of fashion. So Mr. Bharalida, another senior suggested a new name for him – Henry Gigs. So Mr. Gogoi became Mr. Gigs and probably has gone aboard. If you happen to know this guy, please let me know his whereabouts. For your information he had a BE (Prodn) degree from LE College, Morbi, Gujarat and an MBA from Symbiosis, Pune.


Read Nandini’s blog at Nandini Jumani.



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