Jatinga et al….

     Jatinga et al…a movie by Sanjib Sabhapandit. After very long liked one Assamese movie. A serious story about the youths getting blinded by their own passion and beliefs . Some very poignant scenes like the one when 3 young boys in the village were discussing about the value of Rs. 500 and rs. 50,000. Yeah if you think it that way there is no difference between both the amounts. One dies because one cannot afford to spend Rs. 500 and the other died because he refused to pay Rs. 50,000. Some commendable performances by the actors. The veterans like Mr. Bishnu Kharghoria need not be mentioned about his performance. A sensitive portrayal of a helpless husband who is also the helpless father of the son whose views differ with his lifelong beliefs and views. 

          The movie inspite of having a so called serious subject and of course not belonging to the commercial category , looks so bright and fresh. The scenes of the very own Brahmaputra near the park at Bhalaumukh look so lovely. Never noticed the river is so beautiful. Thanks to the cinematographer of the movie. Infact the whole movie looks very stylish. The best part of the movie is its pace. It is not slow or dragging anywhere.

There are some defects too. Like the climax scene was too dramatic. Somehow not convincing at all. Still a commendable work one must appreciate and acknowledge.

            Hoping for some more such believable works from the whole team of Jatinga et al…!!



  1. Haven't seen it but your post made me thirsty to view the movie.

    Thanx Hazel 🙂

  2. nice one hazel, keep writing, just visit my blog, there is one hot discussion going on 😉


  3. a very nicely written review..thanks ….


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