Sattra Darshan – Celebrating the Sattra Institution of Assam

We all love to do something for Asom and the Asomiya jaati. Bikram and co. is doing a great job by creating an online Assamese Dictionary. I had also recently joined their team. But to shun your job, despite having an MBA degree, and devote himself to the cause of reviving our forgotten culture and traditions, one needs special appreciation.


The guy I am talking about is Mr. Dipankar Mahanta, an MBA alumnus of GU (probably 1991 or so batch). Though not related to me or my family, one of my wife’s cousins is married to his younger brother. Few days back he paid us a visit at our Delhi residence. A dedicated member of the Vivekananda  Kendra Institute of Culture (VKIC), he is currently doing a project trying to document the dying and extinct culture of Assam with a view to revive them, present them before the world audience and for our next generation to appreciate it. The concept brings the common thought of two great souls – Sreemanta Sankardeva and Swami Vivekananda. Many like minded organizations has joined hand in this endeavor.


Dipankar da is busy organizing an event at Delhi which is named appropriately as the ‘Sattra Darshan – Celebrating the Sattra Institution of Assam’. The two day programme slated for the 25th and 26th Nov, 2006 is being held at some auditorium at Lodhi Road. One can confirm the venue by calling up VKIC, Chanakyapuri at 011-24121764. The programme will be graced by 15 Sattradhikars (Heads of Sattras), 12 Scholars and 24 performing artistes from various parts of Assam. The event will showcase the age old tradition still preserved in Sattras. The presentation also includes a Bhaona. The VKIC has sought help of everyone from Assam living in and around Delhi for making this event a success. So please do help spreading this message.

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