Plights of being single!

 Being  single is a pain at times. Being a single & of my age is even more painful. The most common question at family functions is “ So when are you getting married?” Some ask “ Have you found someone? “ or some will even offer help “ Are you seeing someone or shall we look for someone for you?”

 These are the times when I get to know how many “ concerned” relatives I have. Wow. Mostly Aunts!! How they will come out with list of eligible bachelors from their acquaintances..” Oh there is a guy working in so & so. My neighbours relative.” My Gawd. One cannot even do anything besides keeping that plastic smile at place during such sessions. ( one can actually put Aishwaria Rai to shame with that so plastic a smile) Mom will be bombarded with “ When are you inviting us to her marriage?” “ What have you thought for her?”

Poor Ma. She has to tolerate all those at functions besides tolerating somebody like me at home. She had almost given up, ( actually she gives up sometimes) but again those bombardments work like some fresh lease of energy which stimulates her very motherly ( naturally) urge to get her daughter married!! I don’t blame her.

 Sometimes the scene is even worse. People wonder why aren’t this girl married till now. There HAS to be something amiss. May be , may be not.

Well , I guess this will continue till I turn “ too old to get married “ i.e. if I donot bump into somebody to “settle down” before that. Sigh!!


  1. enjoy! .. being single…

    lucky you..

  2. My dear child,

    Pl consider this from a father/uncle of several girls who married very late – fortunately not too late. Now, they r all 'well settled' as the saying goes. Above all I admire one who gave up a fantastic job – where she was sure to hit the glass ceiling – & then spent YEARS enjoying truly Q.time with her child. Another, when she handed her wedding invitation in typical Indian style to her German boss, drew a comment "What, marrying? YOU?? I thought u were a confirmed maiden…" – a very good man at that, not one who looks for a secretary in the office & a wife at home! Or vice versa! Nos. 3 & 4 chose 'phoren' guys 20 yrs older (I have hopes now, for myself! – in spite of a very good wife of 48 yrs! u see I am not such a good man, after all! And I was treated to a super stay with both of them AND their families (now) where else – in 'phoren' of course. Such adorable kids. Maybe when

    u marry late, the kids compensate for all the youthful yrs u have lost. Now, my dear, u have TWO good reasons why u shd NOT disappoint yr mum – & all those 'aunties' – most of all Y'SELF! Biological age! Yr child-bearing apparatus has got a shelf-life too, as much as a car or a TV or PC. U r lucky it is not so short! Nor does it become obsolete, like them! 2nd: yr kids will be adorable too but not if u keep it far too late tho a Caesarian is almost certain, I'm afraid. 3rd: youth is youth, some things r NOT the same when u r =>35. That includes fights/quarrels of childish couples! There r more to count, some of them on the -ve side but let me not frighten u. So then, be sure to send me yr wedding invite + one of those super stays when yr kids r just the right age to play with – say >6 months, right, my beautiful? Now get cracking, u have NO time to lose w/ever yr age! Bye & Love ramani

    • Why is that the woman always has to give up her job to care for a child? Think about it and the oppression that society (sometimes unthinkingly) puts upon women.

  3. would love tese words years back!

  4. heard that joke – the girl fed up of all the nagging "Ab aapki bari" by her aunts in every single wedding started to retaliate by saying "Ab aapki bari" to the aunts in the funerals…?!!!!!

  5. hey dude, you sound like a pakka MCP! also probably you are the oldest blogger in the blogworld considering three daughters getting married blah blah…dude, this cyberworld is sure too young for you..plz f*** off and enjoy your own sweet time with your shelf-time expired TV…you, the damn thing is too obsolete for us! I mean, is getting married and producing babies while women have shelf life the only reason a woman is born? Shut the f up you dangling piece of meat and get a life!

    Hazel, sorry for being so rude on your blog but these dangling lumps of meat like Ramani need a lesson who think that women should be consumed before their shelf life expires.

  6. Hey take your sweet time girl till you meet the near perfect one! Thanks for writing comments on my blogs!!

  7. Hey my page was in Assamese, just that you have to reset the character encoding to UNICODE UTF-8

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