First Step… Hope not the last !

This is my first endeavor in this special world , thanks to one of my special friend for unknowingly inspiring me to take this brave decision. I am a bit nervous about it. Till date I have been reluctant, may be because of lack of self confidence. But today I said to myself – thus far and no further. Life is not all about office, computer, work and calculations. I need to let go of my mind. Need to free my mind to roam around the world – my own world. Need to talk to it, listen to it. I thought it would be great if I jot down the words it says to me…..

I remember in my school days I used to carry a book with me which I would show only to my closest friends. I was a  very shy boy and would not interact with even my friends very easily. So I would write down each and every thoughts of my heart on that book and named it “Hridoyor Honglap”. One day my best friend borrowed it from me and I never got it back…….. I wonder how it would be like to read those words I wrote once after as many as fifteen years !…..

I think I should preserve these – the words that my mind speaks to me in a concrete form. One day I shall look back and I shall see my journey of life. May be some food for thought, may be some lessons or may be some inspirations……….


  1. Hridoyor honglaap: m not an avid reader. who is the author?

  2. Go ahead and write whatever you want…best wishes…

  3. Go ahead and write whatever you want…best wishes…

  4. Hi..welcome to the wolrd of blogging. & what a way to start. Y dont u put up ur "Hridoyor Honglap"again for the bloggers of M sure if not all many people will listen to those "honglap". Looking forward for more…….

  5. Good idea..I guess I too need to do that …

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