2 Faces from Childhood.

Ideas stuck me on City Buses. I meet my silent friend on a bus, I see a father & daughter duo & I think my dad. Today suddenly I saw some Kites sitting atop a tree on RGB road and who comes to my mind…………..Silonir Jiyek! Yes the very same Silonir Jiyek from our childhood days..from the pages of Lakshminath Bezbaruah's Buri aair Xadhu. Did she had a name? Well I dont remember now. But I remember being very sad on her plight. I remember being sad on Tejimola's fate also. That book was a prized possession in my collection. But while shifting from Dibrugarh to Guwahati , with many other things the book was lost too. I thought those are lost and gone forever. But today I realised  that they are there, in my mind somewhere. I could recall “Aagoli kolapat lore ki sore, silono aai mur aagote pore……” or even “hatu nemelibi phholu nisingibi kore naoria toi pat kapuror logote mahi aaye khundile Tejimola he moi”..! Suddenly this irrestible urge to read those stories grips my mind. Have seen the hoardings of the book fair. I know one book to buy now. Sounds childish? How I wish my age was stuck somewhere in between that age, oh those carefree childhood days of glory!

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  1. "Chilonor Jiyek" – yes, i remember well…also the "Tejimolar Xadhu"….listened those xadhus in my childhood….read those in books when i grew up….believe me Hazel, those xadhus sound much more fascinating when narrated by somebody….i hope u had the experience…anyway sometimes i also long for those xadhus…don't have the books now, but i scan the children corner's of the news papers and magazines…childish…yeh u can say…but there's a child inside everyone's mind. i guess…..

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