How to display Assamese fonts and tech updates!!

The Old Solution
Since the time I have started writing my blog in Assamese I have got numorous complaints that the UNICODE Assamese fonts cannot be displayed on users' computers. The solution that I have been offering is to change settings of users' computers and activate “Complex Script Display”. For more information on this method
click here.

The New Solution
Now, there seems to be another, easier way! A free utilities developer has come up with a Mozzila/Firefox based tool that you can install as an extension on your browser and that will automatically  transform various fonts into a viewable format. This utility is called Padma. To know more about Padma, click here. To install Padma click here. Hopefully installing the Padma extension will solve the font display problem in at least those of you who use Firefox.

At -the first online Assamese dictionary, we have developed a toolbar which can be added to your web browser and you can search the dictionary without even going to the xobdo homepage. We have put a lot of blood and sweat to build this toolbar, please try it by going to the download page.

I don't believe that you are still using Internet Explorer! But in case you have not yet used Firefox   as your browser, please download it now. Firefox is 100 years ahead of even Internet Explorer 7!!

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