Are Guwahtians that bad!

This is what written in a column named ‘India defy odds, England defy logic’ —

Best and Worst of 2006 on, one of the well known cricket portal.



Worst: Read me a riot
They say subjects get the kings they deserve. But sometimes you are left wondering if
India's cricketers get the fans they deserve – not quantity, but quality wise. One of the more distressing sights is watching Sachin Tendulkar fielding on the fence at an Indian ground and getting booed and barracked for not having made runs in a game. Cowards who yell anonymously from a group are one thing, but in Guwahati, when the appalling side of fan behaviour reached its crescendo. After no play was possible because heavy overnight rains had drenched the ground, even the most desperate attempts of the organisers failed. Angry fans rioted, destroying equipment, breaking down fences and walls, assaulting security personnel. Blood was shed and tear gas cannisters were fired. Riots and violence of this kind remind of all the things that are wrong in this world – communal violence, dictatorial oppression, that sort of thing. It's the sort of thing I never expected to see at a cricket ground, and hope I never have to write about again.



Is the Guwahati crowd really hooligans that they deserve a mention in the worst of the year category? Is not the BCCI and even the ACA is not responsible. Why they had staged a cricket match in April when the possibility of rain is more than 90%. The ACA is so weak that they would not be able to get another match soon had they let that match go out of their hand. The wait for a match is often 2 years because of the rotation policy of BCCI. This is something similar to two consecutive test matches at Cheapuk, Chennai got washed away because they were being allotted the matches during periods when it rains. Some fans from Chennai even filed a case then for not allowing BCCI to allocate any match to Chennai during periods when it is expected to rain.


I feel people were venting out their ire at ACA, which  is a toothless organisation. I hope you all remember an incident when Dalmiya's Bengal was staring at defeat against Assam in a Ranji match at Eden Garden. Then the umpires did something unheard of in cricket. They offered light to the fielding team Bengal. And gladly they walked off. I still remember the report in TOI. But ACA as toothless as it is could not do anything. Because BCCI was Dalmiya's paternal property during thos edays.

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