Love & Longings in Delhi! Part 1

It all started when B called me one wintry evening just as I was returning back attending training. I was upset for I had to sacrifice one lazy Sunday on account of my work. All said and done B’s call came in like a breather in my otherwise unexciting journey. I was speaking to him after quite a while – we both term it as the “hibernation” period! He suggested that G & me join him in Delhi during the New Year’s. I wasn’t sure. I didn’t know whether I would get leave from my work and at the same time if things would work out smooth. I needed to discuss this with G and so I did when I got home. G said there was still ample of time left to decide for the New Year’s and I had a tedious routine for the next fortnight. So the Delhi trip remained a distant dream for the time being.

And in the mean time my work took me to Mumbai, Kohima, Imphal… well that’s my job you see, I travel & travel & travel and I don’t complain!

So finally it was decided that we would go to Delhi and join B for the New Year’s bash. In the mean time T, M & C with family had already reached.

This is not a travelogue. Its plain simple me & my feelings for these will remain as some of the best days of my otherwise mundane existence!



I reached Delhi on the 27th of Dec at about 20.00 hrs. All the flights were delayed due to fog and zero visibility. Taking a cab as we zoomed out of the I.G.I. Airport I was on the streets of Delhi after six long years. The first thing I noticed were the kiosks at the arrival lounge, which remained unchanged. How many cups of coffee I drank there when I went to the airport everyday in one of my market research projects. The roads looked the same until we reached a crossing. I knew we had to go straight to reach Dhaula Kuan and then take the right turn to touch the Ring Road. But to my utter amazement it was flyovers everywhere! I was completely at loss of words. And all this while I thought I knew Delhi so well! We were camping in South Ex-I, opposite Def Col. and the moment we got down form the taxi I realized that I would be staying exactly opposite to the C block of Def Col which was my home when I was in Delhi then! I wanted to take G for a walk and show him around but the time was not proper. And we had almost a week to explore Delhi my style & my way!

As we unpacked I started calling up friends and everyone were surprised to know that “finally I had come to Delhi”. There is a story to this. Some of the closest friends I have are all based in Delhi and after I came back to Guwahati (for good?) they frequently kept calling me to join them. My answer was always “Yes” but things never materialized and soon they too ceased from calling me to Delhi! It was about 23.00 hrs and we were about to have dinner when I got a call from B. He was downstairs and wanted us to come down for some chitchat! Well the chitchat was more than that and we took a long drive to Mehrauli, then towards Okhla and back to Def. Col. By the time I went upstairs my food was still in the plate untouched and freezing cold. But I had lost my appetite. There was some kind of sheer excitement running all over me; I knew sleep would not be easy; I wanted to wake up in the broad day light and visit places which means a lot to me.

I had two priorities to visit Delhi. First I wanted to watch all the latest releases in PVR Saket and second all my meals would be Mc Donalds only! And that’s the routine I tried to follow strictly!



After relishing on a Maharaja Mac, it was time I showed G the 232C in Def Col, then K2 in South Ex II and also narrate the thousands and one incident that flashed across my mind all at the same time. B & the rest of the two (T & MB) were to meet us at Ansal Plaza. By the time those three got ready I took G & C to Father Agnel’s School where I did my Mass Comm. I simply got nostalgic; it reminded me of guys like Pooja, Mansi, Raghu… GOD where must they be. We reached Ansal’s and did helluva window shoppin till the guys arrived.…. I bought Notes of a Madman by Osho and did some reading basking under the sun while G & C got groovy with Mary-Jane! It took B & gang almost 2 hours to reach Khel Gaon. But then when you hang around with guys like B you must take things as they come and also leave them upto their own devices! Every one was in the mood to shop and that’s what they did. We went to Monastery.

We called it a day around 1.00 a.m. Late? But then who cares! Do I stick to my tight regime when I am holidaying and freaking out? Guess naah!


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  1. Dunno if I will be able to go back or not..but Delhi is a place a feel I belong to. May be because I started my career there, got a recognition in the industry there. Missing Dilli Ki Sardi. Finish of the to be continued part..M waiting.

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