Love & Longings in Delhi – Part 2


C & his wife are total shop-o-holics! I mean I could have never done so much of shopping like the way they did. I took them to Janpath and also to Central Market in Lajpat Nagar. While they were shopping memoirs kept hitting me – of the days spent – of the times that would never come back – both good & utterly disgusting!

I called up Dhyan and we decided to meet in PVR. Dhyan! Well! A friend I’m so close to but it was the first time we would meet! Sounds weird? But that’s what I am! A Weirdo! Sipped coffee at Barissta and exchanged all the latest and hot gossips! B joined us … maybe an hour later. We got planning what to do next but G & C wanted to call it early since they planned to visit Taj Mahal the next day. However we went on a drive and no matter how early we decided to make, we were dropped at Def.Col at around 1.00 a.m.!



The first downer of the day came from me! I was feeling too lazy to get out of my bed in that cold and visit Agra! I made up hundred and one excuses. And above all I had visited the Taj once and I guess that’s enough!

I went to the British Council – took a walk on the Kasturba Gandhi Marg and then came back to my fav hang out zone – PVR Saket. I strolled along the sidewalks and bought the Buddha Lounge CD. The music still reverberates on my mind. By the time I was half way through my movie I got a trifled bored? B was on his way back from office since there wasn’t much work on the second last day of the year. He came to PVR and I left Audi 1 when the suspense had just begun! B I knew would love the Buddha Lounge and do I have to say more? He was like a kid in an absolute frenzy in a toy shop! No wonder I call him b-lounge!

With B around its always “Destination Nowhere”. He kept driving and I kept listening to Budda and at times it was Rahul Sharma & Laddakh mesmerizing us. We headed towards Noida and he showed me around Centrestage Mall. Window shopping is actually not me. So we came out in the freezing cold after munching on sandwiches and sipping hot coffee in Barissta. There was no agenda set and we headed straight to B’s den. Minutes before we reached Malviya Nagar, M woke up from his slumber and T was glued to some cricket match on the ESPN and rock & roll playing on the 10000W stereo! What a cacophony! I freshened up, had some juice and we went on a mission called “ARRANGING FOR 31ST which sadly didn’t live to our expectations. We hanged around in the Def.Col Market. It was for the first time that M and me were actually talking and strangely we ended up realizing the fact that we have the commonest of friends.

G & C had reached Delhi from Agra by the time we went to Saket! This time M wanted to collect some Rizla papers. And consciously or unconsciously I was terribly missing a female company! Pri! Gosh! She was in Goa and would reach Delhi only on 31st. That was just a couple of hours, yet it seemed too long a wait.

As we caught up with G & C, I realized not going to Agra was perhaps one of the smartest and best decisions I had made! Their horrific tales left the rest of us amused!



The first thing I did as I woke up was call Pri. Well I was more than happy now. For I had a girlfriend to tag along with! Pri & me had to do a lot of catching up. We kept blabbering non-stop sipping Port Wine & Goan Sausages she brought from Goa. There wasn’t anything planned as yet for 31st and we ultimately decided we’d head-bang in B’s den while Pri would keep shifting parties – not to disappoint her other pals too! It was for the first time in the last 5 days that I applied makeup and took some time getting dressed. I wanted to look good! But plans had changed. We were heading towards Greater Noida to catch some friends there. This sudden shift made Pri stayed back with her bunch of pals and we headed towards Greater Noida.

The drive was a crazy one! Things started getting crazier and confusing when we crossed the express highway. The crossings were identical & so were the landmarks! We kept on moving in circles over and over again and by the time we reached the main gates of the Apartments the clock struck midnight and suddenly the sky went ablaze with sky shots! Phone started buzzing and wishes poured in from left, right and centre! Yet the 6 of us had not even arrived at the party venue… didn’t even disembark from the car!

We caught up with two more couples there and the party was not what I was expecting. I was looking for some solid rocking time with ear deafening music and an unlimited supply of all the stuff that made the senses more sensible! But here we were – in a cozy ambience – with a feeling of home coming and celebrating the New Year in a very mature way – relishing on home made khana (after the regular Mc Donald’s)… sipping beer! Quite out of the ordinary yet so relaxing and comforting.

We headed to Delhi post dinner. We were warned over and over again to go slow and that’s what we did. Infact there was no other way what-so-ever! Thick layers of fog enveloped us. The visibility was almost zero and B who was driving used the sidewalks as his navigation tool. Sometimes when we hit a crossing, G & T would get down walk a few steps and then guide the car…. We got lost… we drove in circles and we avoided ghastly accidents too!

Things were fine inspite of the strangest of situation we found ourselves in. its just another story that M & T got into an unpleasant brawl which left all of us bitter for some time. And G who was driving now did the only practical thing that was available. Once we were inside Delhi, we headed straight to Malviya Nagar and dropped T & M. we drove off to Def.Col as C was getting edgy and cranky too!! (overdose? Or the lack of it?!)

I looked at my watch at it was exactly 5.30 a.m.


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