Love & Longings in Delhi – Part 3



B made up his mind that he would not go home nor would let me or G go too! We headed to New Delhi Railway Station for cuppa tea! All the adventures left us fresh with no hangovers! We kept sipping teas listening to Laddakh & Buddha. G was left irritated coz B & I have a crazy music sense!

For us the party had not ended. We smoked, had tea and had more of both till we got bored in N.D.R.S. We headed towards Khan Market and it was all closed. Boy! It was only 7.00 a.m! I was getting the “Down Trip” syndrome. My system wanted some more caffeine and the nearest was I.N.A. we lounged at the I.N.A. till about 9.30 and then we went to Malviya Nagar once again. B & G has a particular shop from where they buy fags! Crazy! But then we actually are!

Nowhere else to go we went to B’s office and man! It was love at first sight for me! With the office I mean!

Pri I guess got frantic and she called me. I was on my way back to Pri’s and also packed breakfast, when actually the time was around 2.00 p.m! We hogged on the spring rolls once we reached Pri’s zone. Both B & G left and we got blabbering again till my eyes as well as mouth wanted to shut down for a while. By 8.30 p.m G & B came back again! For them the party was still on! We went out for dinner.

 I don’t know how many times I have repeated this line, but with B around its always “Destination Nowhere”. This is something I missed to tell Pri. She went mad! She said she wasn’t amused! Nor we were! But we are like this only and she didn’t quite get the joke! Not her fault! Its us! Its us!!! Its us & our non-stop trips full throttle!!

We were back again in New Delhi Railway Station! And I guess we were lucky enough that we managed to find a decent place to eat!




I woke up to find Pri making breakfast. She had already warmed water for me. She is a darling I have and I love her so. As I got ready she handed me the cash I needed. For a moment I felt she was mothering me! And on second thoughts I knew I was getting plain emotional! She asked me to stay back. Said we could share her space and live together happy!

I came back with a heavy heart. I still had to pack my bags. G was ready and in the mean time Moonmoon was quite upset that I didn’t meet her! Well! Honest! Moon & me made plans – cancelled – made more plans and finally it didn’t work out!

I had less than two hours at my disposal before I go on board Rajdhani.

B drove us (G & me) to the station.

How I wish I could have stayed a few more days! But every good thing must come to an end and so was this vacation. The drives were fun. M & G took the driver’s seat while B or better me navigated! And how many times I’ve done silly goof ups! Those “u-turns” & the “merry go rounds”! Ohmigosh! B has a fetish for these “GOL CHAKKARS” which we termed as Merry go rounds!

I was already receiving official calls and I felt a bit disoriented. I knew it would take sometime for me to get back to my routine – to my daily life – to my job and back to the ground realities.



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  1. That was a nice read. But hey , what's all about A, B, C, G etc…? Why not the full names?

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