Dream Merchant

She was taught to sell dreams and to sell dreams one has to forget his / her nightmares! She did exactly that. So many people came to her with their travel plans, honeymoon plans to be specific. Some who wanted to go to a hill station, some to the exotic locales of Rajasthan, some abroad. She made everyone’s plans as they wanted. One soon to be married client asked her once if the hotel booked had bathtubs fitted or not. Looking at the blushing client, she kept a straight face and dialed the number of the hotel to find out. It had!! The first honeymoon couple she got, was from the biggest corporate her farm was handling. They wanted to go to Rajasthan. Everything went smooth and she got a letter of appreciation from the client and her farm some more corporate groups abroad! Some memories sweet some bitter. Once her boss committed the boss of a new corporate a ridiculous rate and she had to literally fight with the sales manager of the hotel to get those rates. It was all a part of the business. Everyone understood and no hard feelings were kept.

Does she ever think of her own honeymoon someday somewhere? She knows she cannot. Those are distant dreams. Does she dream also? Questions questions. When you sell dreams you have to forget your nightmares…that’s what she does. Everyday every moment.


  1. Indigo was good… & hey there was this girl called Babli – I liked her attitude and behaviour…oh! by the way is Babli you?????


  2. Ok please convey my regards to her!


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