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Assam in North East part of India has been facing two major problems –
the infiltration of foreigners from neighbouring countries (especially
Bangladesh) and the ongoing revolution between the banned separatist
group -United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) and the Indian
Government for the past 27 years.

Their cause- Assam has been
exploited way too long hence demands an independent Assam, separate
from India. In this teaser video (a documentary in the making),
Sanchayita, who now lives in London makes a personal journey to her
place of birth and talks to the rebels, ex-rebels and their families
about their life now and during the past two decades .
Watch the video here

If you want more , watch the 10 minute clip here

THIS VIDEO CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE. Please do not proceed if in doubt.
Otherwise the filmmaker has kindly requested you to watch it with an
open mind.

Read more at Sanchayita's blog:

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