Still a dreamer

To really love a woman
Let her hold you
Do you know how she needs to be touched ?
You gotta breath her
Really taste her
To you can feel her in your blood
Then when you can see your unborn children in her eyes
You know you really love a woman


Some songs touch your heart, stir the soul. One such for me is “Ever loved a woman”by Bryan Adams. I know I know..its mushy. But I love the song so much. Especially in Bryan Adams’s haunting voice it becomes ethereal , well almost. Sounds like a die hard romantic? May be I am one. Still couldnot get out from the dreamy world of Mills and Boon novels. How we used to be glued to MBs in hostel. Text books whats that. We always fought with each other for MBs. Is it every girl or with most of the girls? I grew up with Nancy Drew , Enid Blyton and Bandita Phukan among a host of other children authors. After 10th, it was MBs and Silhouettes with of course others popping in. I still blame those books for my specs. How our classmates the boys used to tease us because of MBs. They used to say..don’t read all those crap. My roommate my senior who herself used to read these novels told me not to read those as “ the expectations will soar and in reality those things donot happen”. Yeah I knew that then. Still I never stopped and now when I look back I laugh. 

But I guess somewhere I never stopped being the little romantic dreamer. That’s why such songs touch me and stir my soul.


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  1. Ah, that song ! Makes me sit back and enjoy the moment , whenever i listen to it. I think it touches everybody – whether a reader or a nonreader. Because everybody is a dreamer in his/her own world, bit romantic in heart behind the mask in the face….

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