We all are living in a world full of lines, lines that shape and
organize our things by Dividing. Take this paragraph of text as an
example. We are taught to read and write from left to right, and that
is exactly what we do. That’s how lines work.

They are to be followed, and in most cases not to be crossed.

Think about hierarchies of an organization. They are lines. We have
them too. Like so, we have many lines in the structure of our society
too. But I encourage you to CROSS this LINE and many others too in

Crossing this line means a lot. It means forgetting about what was
above and what is at below the line, about new and old Media, about old
Rules and Exploits, Old Habits and Attitudes, that you all have got
used to. It is not easy task to do!!

But it will be worth it.

Just cross the line and keep Assam intact, not dissolved, don’t let
it get vanished amidst some cultural invasion, or suppressed by some
ruthful power……..

It’s the time to cross the line!!

U R AN ASSAMESE…. Then a citizen of India (Indian constitution can never stop you saying so.)

That’s it….. That’s how….

Cross it

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