Kudos to Assam Football Team

It was golden moment for Assamese Football history when Govinda Bodo dived to his left to deflect the shot from James Singh of Tamil Nadu and Assam clinched the gold medal in football in the 33rd National Games held in Guwahati. Right from the beginning of the event, Assamese fans stood by the side of the team because of the stunning performance displayed by the team. Unlike some other events where some hired players won the gold medal for Assam, the football team comprised of all Assamese players and they matched the national standard very well. Names like Mrinal Bodo, Sanjeeva Rangpi are on everybody’s lips now a days.


This is an instant which shows that we don’t lack in talents. Sometimes we lack in attitude. Otherwise given proper attention, guidance and facilities, our talents can sparkle in national level, even in international scene. I was glued to the television screen right from the kick-off to last shot of the match; and believe me I enjoyed as much as watching any world cup match. The way our boys were maneuvering the ball, the control, the speed – that was quite eyecatching.


Another aspect of the event is that it united all the people of Assam to wholeheartedly support the event and the participants so much so that even the un-seasonal rain would not stop the crowd in the packed stadiums from cheering up and enjoying the games. The response and support of the common people was unprecedented.


That is why I give credit to SPORTS for this rare inherent power of spreading up the spirit of unity and brotherhood. While our society is divided into numerous groups in the name of religion, caste and politics for that matter, it’s only sports with a very few other sectors, which has been playing the role of binding force in this world.

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  1. Its really great that the national games was a big success….

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