Indian Media and Assam

(Readers are requested to know some terms of Political
Science, mainly difference between State, Nation, and Nationality. Otherwise it
will lead to ambiguity.)



Democracy has four pillars on which the entire State exists.

These pillars consist of

(1) Legislature,

(2) Executive,

(3) Judiciary and essentially,

(4) The Media, which is considered as the fourth pillar of


Right from 1982 when first TV signal beamed to my district
of Dibrugarh, my world of knowledge brightened a lot. I was amazed to see Los
Angeles Olympic Games (1982), the first mishap of Space Shuttle Challenger and
tragic end of teacher Christa McAuliffe (1986), Programmes like “Jonnie Sokko
and the Giant Robot”, “Living Planet”, “Lucy”, “Star Trek”, “Survival”, “Target”,
“Old Fox” etc were enough to entertain me. But things changed subtly, I mean
about DD.


Though it has a greater responsibility towards the nation,
such as emergency services, important government announcements and public
broadcasts; entertainment comes a distant second priority of this Medium. But
it started telecasting too much of cricket form mid or late 80’s till this
date. Instead of molding strong public opinion for the Legislature and
Judiciary to function well, it rolled off its tracks and craved a very horrific
mindset among Indians.


But DD is also a puppet of some Bureaucrats in Delhi.
The policy makers (not the elected ones) came to a definite conclusion that India
doesn’t have a common thing to keep the National Integrity at mast. She has
suffered partition on the basis of religion, and people in Assam
(Bhaxa Andolan started movements, these became horrendous issues and it would
further grapple to disintegrate the Nation based on regionalism and language (which
is already weak).


Hence, they started molding the Indian mind to form
commonness among themselves by promoting and telecasting too much of Cricket
(as it was popular because they have won the world cup – that too in England!!!)
and Hindi Cinemas. And the consequence of that decision in the 80’s can be felt
now. If two persons one from Assam
and another from Gujarat meet, they will have the
commonness only through this molded mindset – yes they will discuss about
yesterday’s match or the latest Bombay
made cinema.


A few words about the Bombay Movies: In beginning it was only
a Business to make a movie. Now the Indian Govt ahs upgraded it to the status
of Industry. Why? This media has also played a damn good role to keep India
bonded. From east to west or north to south became its prey. We know that to
make a movie how much money it needs. It’s in crores of rupees. And there are
chances that the movie one makes can become a flop – a big loss. Hence source
of money was scarce, and no banks would like to take such risks – a pure
gamble. So the Underworld played a big role in financing this medium. And the
Govt just were mere onlookers, doing nothing to uproot the mafia from Bombay.
So later it (Govt) decided to bestow Cinema as Industry status, where financing
were not at par with business or trading. But till date this move hasn’t helped
Bombay in its survival. 


But underlying this medium was the impact of cultural
invasion. (Ask about cultural invasion to any Europeans and why they don’t
embrace English).


I have lot to tell about the attitude and the decision taken
by the Centre towards NE states. I have the opportunity to associate with
like-minded businessmen from Assam,
and we took the initiate to start the first ever private television channel. We
applied for the license, first for Internet Gateway, and after many hurdles we
got it – we are India’s
No 17th Gateway   license
holder. But another problem was imposed towards our firm, i.e. we cannot uplink
transmission from Guwahati, we have to relocate our uplink from Calcutta.
How degusting it was!!


And this news spread to some surrendereds who took every
opportunity to grab share in our business, and as we belong to kekura
community, we were pulled down instead of being supported for this pioneering


But I would like to appeal you all Assamese brothers not to
follow the main-stream of Indian media, or you’ll one day loose your identity
among many others.



About the ways the Centre IMPORTED Nepalese right
after Bhaxa Aandolon, and made their settlement in Upper Assam
region. Why?

India Against Itself (Assam
and the Politics of Nationality) by Sanjib Baruah (Sanjib Baruah is
Professor and Chair of Political Studies at Bard
[read his interview:]

Bernays – Propaganda (How The Media Molds Your
Mind) (1928)

Free PDF:

European History (with the attitude of finding –
why they are intact with their culture?)

Why struggle is needed for survival of culture.)

Arrival of Christianity and lost of ancient
world (Particularly Hernan Cortes, how he destroyed a whole library of the
Incas – the only link to know about very ancient civilization)

Ascent of Man – Jacob Bronowski (1974)

Ignacio Manuel Altamirano’s books (statesman and
father of Mexican Literature)

And very
interesting is to learn how Mexican Rulers permitted the Robbers in protecting
themselves from the conquest of
Spain and France.


Looks like a long list I have given, but these have
influenced me a lot and have molded to say myself that I AM AN ASSAMESE only,
nothing else.





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