Room Sharing!

My blogs have become more travelouges… maybe because every time I travel I am in some kind of a newer & crazier experience.

Now this has been the craziest experienece in all my business travels. So I am still in two minds whether everything should be put down in back & white or do I edit it like my Oh-So-Business like correspondences?

The Arunachal trip was being postponed for a few months over one reason or the other. Going to Itanagar is one thing whereas visitng interiors was a different game altogether. Boss didn't really seeemed to like the idea of me travelling alone. So with a lot of detailed planning it was decided that we visit Arunach somewhere around the end of Feb.


Boss and me were not alnoe. There were two more people to give us company. P1 & P2. Well for the time bieng let them remian as P and their names actually start with P and they are brothers as well. P1 said he would join us in Itanagar (he was travelling from Dibrugarh) where as P2 is based in Itanagar and it was the responsibility of P2 to make all the arrangements – cabs… hotels… fixing meetings when we visited Ziro & Daparijo & Along.


And like they all say “Adventure began at the crack of dawn”!


One of the most essentials to carry along with you when you visit that region is your Inner Line Permit. I have a permit done for one whole year so I really don't have to make visits to the Arunachal House every time. Boss never makes one. He always uses my permit as his chaperpone and in his previous two visits he was lucky to have escaped the

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