India's Right To Education Bill ; Standards & Implementation


While discussing the Right to Education Bill pending in Indian Parliament at today -I was amazed to note that even in heart of Delhi the govt schools REFUSE!! to enroll students.


Refuse to enroll — thats right!!


On the one hand there is great talk of getting children to school by giving incentives -like scholarships and providing free transportation, mid-day meals etc. On the other hand, school principals -right inside Delhi – Yamuna river slums area esp. – say no to parents who want their kids to study. If no kids in school -teachers can relax in peace. Makes sense??!! It does to me.


More power to such teachers/principals?? 


Saw Hindustan Times article today in Asha DC link —- where such mothers used Right To Info RTI powers to get their kids inside schools.


Grade ONE and Passing scores:

Also, another interesting issue arose about standards of testing. If we from were to go to an Indian govt school and test the students of grade 2 – how can we say (or the govt say) that they are performing at correct level. Research has shown that grade one (entry level class) is the toughest -so students drop out faster and efforts should be concentrated at grade one level -wth best teachers to teach grade one. Also 2nd and 3rd grade are the grades which can make or break a student — they are the foundation years. If foundation is weak the student can never become a solid student later.


In India students never tested till they reach grade 5. There are no standards for even schools/parents and NGOs to conduct such tests to check their child's proficiency level. In US proficiency level is 75% correct score (getting 70% score is a cause of alarm in most US schools – C grade)  — in India 33% passing score is considered great score -enough to go to higher class.


See Virginia state's SOL for all grade levels K-12 –

I am preparing some students for grade 8 and grade 5 SOL exams. they also have a grade 3 SOL. If they do not pass these SOL exams – they and their schools will be penalized.



Umesh There seems near consensus among many NGOs that govt data is puffed up – on school enrollment/achievement levels -as seen from the data in this website which shows that 50% girls in India don't go to school -are not even enrolled!





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