My stints with Assam Sahitya Sabha

Till date I had only been to 2 sessions of Asom Sahitya Sabha. One a very pleasant experience , the other….I think thats more real these days . My first visit was to the Doomdooma meeting/ exhibition / session. Mahim Bora was the president that year.I went with my family from Dibrugarh. We had planned that we would be staying in Digboi at one of our family friend's place. They were going together rom Dibrugarh. It was windy afternoon when we reached the Sabha premises. Donot remember much of the Presidential lecture at all now. I think we missed that. ( Does anybody remember that..I wonder). But what I liked was the piles and piles of books in the stalls. There werent many handicraft stalls that time I remember. I bought Grimor Xadhu, Andersonor Xadhu, Hihate Khelisil etc etc. Still have those books with 55th Assam Sahitya Sabha scriibled on the cover. Digboi was a lovely little town. Never been to Digboi after that. I hope it still is the same little cosy town.


My second experience of Assam sahitya Sabha was the Sibasagar session. Dr. Bhupen Hazarika was the president that year. It was HORRIBLE. I mean my experience. We again went from Dibrugarh to Sibasagar only for the session. The whole of Sibasagar town was packed. I can only see people , people and more people. The president came in a big “rath”. That time I was tired from walking all the way from the Library ( thats near my Aita's house)  till Talatal ghar. By the time we were inside the sabha premises and we were tired and  had lost all the interest. Ma was worried because deuta didnt go with us and she with one of our neighbour Mahi had to look after 3 of us and our maid too. Poor ma, all the time she was saying “wont come again this way…”. The worse was yet to come when it was time to return , we came to know that we cannot go by the way we had come in. Great, now follow the people. Whereever “Raij”go we would also go that way..we decided. After breaking somebody's fence and gates ( jeura and jopona) , we reached a place where  there was a big drain ( stream ?) with 2 bamboos over it. We had to cross that “xaku”to reach the main road .  From the main road again we walked back,  this time till my Aita's house.

On the way I met one of my classmate and her mother. Poor aunty was sitting in front of a shop on a newspaper. She said that they were going back and were waiting for uncle to come back. There were no mobiles those days and they had to wait till uncle got back because it was after walking for 15 minutes Uncle had realised that aunty and my friend werenot with him. 15 minutes in that chaos is like a lifetime. They also had it and we too that day.



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  1. "Axom Sahitya Shabha Adhibeshan"s have become more like "mela"s. At least common people see it from this angle. More so in the Sibsagar episode when lakhs and lakhs of people coming from every corner of the state crowded (or rather overcrowded) the venue just to grab the opportunity to have a glimpe of this historical place and the age old monuments.Also another attraction was Dr. Bhupen hazarika who holds a larger the life image among the common people.Part of the railing of the Dikhow bridge broke down after it could no longer sustain the pressure of the crowd and its just an indication how people flooded every nook and corner of the city. A handful of scouts and gaurds and volunteers were just not sufficient to control and guide this huge volume of crowd; and there was choas everywhere….

    Anyway, I was too busy selling on the spot a book published by our Shakha sahitya sabha on the day of "mukoli sabha". And I missed all the happenings on the stage including the presidential lecture and Lecture of Guest of honour who , if i remember correctly, was Mr. Khuswant Singh…..

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