Black Widow (Not a poem !)



Joy and happiness

That shower in

Makes me feel complete

Fragrance of pure love

Trickles by my heart

I nurture my sweet dreams

And snatch the colors dancing in the air

I hold your hand

And whisper

Isn’t this a beautiful world……

Just as I try to hold that moment forever

The moment of oneness

The moment of eternity

You change color

And I lie thunderstruck

The kiss on my lips

Becomes the kiss of death

Holding around my neck

Your hands

Turns to deadly claws of a predator

You wipe off my name

From your life forever

Even as I die slowly

I try to find a tear drop in your eyes

But you are so unmoved

Steady as a rock

And I say to myself

Look who I fall love in with –

My own death !

My Black Widow !!

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