ReMeMbeRiNg mY daYs oF YorE!!

In a not so distant past, I enjoyed being ill…it allowed me to dodge studies with Damni’s reluctant approval…Those evenings are my most memorable ones. Maa would pamper me generously and Damni, as always, would be suspicious about whether my sickness is for real or feigned. My return to reality after those “Oh-what-a-wonderful-life” days would be abrupt. Damni would leave no stones unturned to torment me. My most dreadful evenings used to be after my days of sickness….feigned and otherwise. Damni’s modus operandi was simple. It, invariably, began with general questioning about my state of affairs at school. Since my answers were never convincing, he would take it to the next level by asking me to take out my mathematics book. My first beating would start no later then 7-10 minutes after taking out the book. The phenomenon intrigues me even now. None of my sums would come correct when Damni is staring down my notebook. The beating would stop no earlier then 11:00 P.M and it would stop only because both of us would be thoroughly exhausted…He would thunderously promise me again to continue it the next day….After multiple beating sessions, I finally discovered a way to escape it the next day…


Damni loathed Hindi even more than I hated Mathematics. I would stick to Hindi for at least another 2 days till things start looking normal. I would cite a Hindi test at school as the reason for my sudden interest in Hindi. Damni never ventured toward Hindi as he was blissfully ignorant of it, like most Assamese. Hindi was the safest bet. Nothing else was as safe…


I miss those evenings when I was sick…I miss the evenings when Maa who would take my hand as we go into the warmth of our home…I miss my overbearing Damni who sculpted me into what I am today…I miss the pain of depression that so strongly swept me every evening in those days of yore…I miss so much of my years gone by that I would love to live them again…even if for a day…

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  1. Dear Bootbat,

    The blog is really tocuhing. I stay with my parents but still after reading this realized that it has been days now that I have hugged them and felt that warmth. Many a times we realize the worth of peole in our life when they are away from us……… As I always write, your words are so magical that they always tocuh me deep within and see what they have done today……….. brought tears to me :)………I wish you get an opportunity to go back to your hometown soon and feel that warmth again 🙂 soon …………. very soon…..

    Continue Scribbling as your blogs have always been eye openers for many like me 🙂

    An Ardent Admirer

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