Loud People

This is just fun. I am at a cafe now, trying to catch up with some readings and writings. This person in the other table is so damn loud that I cannot do anything. My noise cancelling headphones have miserably failed. Now what is he talking about? Here you go:

1. Started a gym but the business failed (of course, look at his own size)

2. He does not like fast food, but he eats a lot of herbs, (is one of the names of that herb articulum amplificus one of the prominent members of the family homosapiens annoyingus?)

3. He still works out (my o my)!!Considering the number of hair on his scalp looks like he gets his head get polished by the belt of the treadmill!!

4. He is constantly advising his date (?) on how she should run, work-out etc. Not a perfect conversation on a date, is it?

5. This is the 20000000th time he has uttered  the word gym. I wish I had an inbuilt blowpipe with a numbing on my laptop that I could aim at his neck(ctrl+End).

6. OMG! He got another coffee, I think its gonna be long now….

7. “Do you have any problem with sinus?, When your sinus is (inaudible), your (inaudible) is (inaudible)…”

more later…. 

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