A Wish

The book recently I have
finished reading is  Baghhaal Baghjaal
Aaru Manuh
. It is a novel written by Purobi Bormudoi and published way back
in year 2000. I know it is quite late to read and write about a novel which was
published seven years ago. But things have not been the same since I joined a
job. Earlier I used to finish a book in one sitting, sometimes in two days. I
remember one hot sunny day during my summer vacation in school days, I sat beneath
the Khejur tree at our Nongola Mukh(the gate) and started reading the great novel
Mritunjoy and finished by sunset . (Yes I did take the lunch break.)


Now a days, it is unimaginable.
Sometimes even I have to skip some articles in the news papers which I find
interesting due to dearth of time. So reading a book has become quite few and
far between; and even if I start one, it takes one to two months before I say –Huh,
at last !

Anyway I beg your pardon for
totally straying out of my point.


The novel Baghhaal
Baghjaal Aaru Manuh
depicts how the human mind is similar to the Bagh(tiger)
trapped in Baghhaal or Baghjaal . In her own unique style, Purobi Bormudoi
successfully portrays the picture of a rural society somewhere in the forties
and the people – their agony, fear, lust, love and loyalties; especially the
plight of the woman in that era. Purobi Bormudoi is one of my favourite writer
. Before Baghhaal Baghjaal Aaru Manuh , I read her another novel  Rupuwali Noi Sunuwali Ghat last year
which was one of the only two books, I think , I read during year 2006. She was
awarded with  Saganlal Jain Award 2006
by Axom  Sahitya Sabha for that
novel . She also received the  Basanti
Bordoloi award
given by Axom Sahitya Sabha in 2000. Recently she has
been honored with  Prabina  Saikia award by the Axom Lekhika Santha.
Her literary work till now includes  Gajaraj
Prem Aaru Banditta
(Novel), Baghhaal Baghjaal Aaru Manuh(Novel) “ Santanukulanandan(Novel),
Rupuwali Noi Sunuwali Ghat(Novel), Eta Alibator Etikotha(Novel)
and Hitor Kunwoli( Short Stories).


Last year I got the bad news
that she was undergoing treatment in Delhi
for brain haemorrhage. After that whenever I read a news paper, I look for any
news of her. The other day I read about her getting the Prabina Saikia Award.
I was happy to get the news, but at the same time a feeling of grief and
helplessness clouded my mind when I came to know that she was confined in bed
with paralysis.


I only wish from bottom of my
heart – may she overcome all the difficulties soon and get back to the world of
literature. She is a genius and she has already done lot for which she got the
recognitions. But she has got much more to contribute to this world. She has
that power to enlighten the minds of people. Not everybody is blessed with the
power of creativity. May her pen take no rest.


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