The wonder of Passwords!!!

Geez!! Forgotten passwords can get a person in trouble. We now live in a life full of passwords and numbers. Even to get into my flat, I now need a password otherwise I stay out or rather bother so many people before they can help me out. Life is kinda high tech but rather complicated. Stress levels are high, tempers flare and we get caught up in all kinds of temptation.


  1. ummm…well actually it has been quite some time with passwords…remember Alibaba and 40 thieves…they also had a verbal password to enter their cave….ahem…

  2. I couldn't agree more with you ..just the other day I had gone to the ATM and damn it …I type wrong passwords twice and no money turned up . I then took out the card and went to the next ATM , few blocks away and tried out many combinations in my mind and decided to give a try to the most possible one and fortunately it clicked this time …relived to the full ….not to mention all the net account passwords which I goof up on a regular basis

    Cheers !

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