Un-sung Heros

You see there is something known as “love as first sight”. But do you really believe in? Am I asking you? You betcha! I am! And I ask myself the same thing. Do I really believe in love at first sight? …. uummmm! well I never did… it really didn't happen to me except for a few ocassions…. like Bips office… It was love at first sight… Its the best office I've ever seen… or maybe a haiku painting has attracted me … but if you ask me about a person and me falling left right & centre …. well I guess not.
But is this love at first sight and having a crush is the same thing? Or maybe there is a thin line of difference between the two similar to the very thin line that differentiates between euphoria and insanity.
And if that be the case, as in the love at first sight & having a crush being and meaning quite similar I got this list of un-sung heros I've secrelty admired for so long ad yet I didn't have the courage to speak about it.!

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