DC news: Indian prof. and student shot with 31 others – 200 miles from White House

So sad but strange also that I am pretty close to where it all happened. My take is that like many students all over the world under pressure he freaked out.


 Perhaps, he wanted to study English but was under pressure to study engineering -Thats why he went to  Virginia Tech. His sister went to Princeton. Also, he did not follow the dictum “Don't worry Be Happy” — unlike my Indian American ex-roommate (on ADHD medication) – who called me today for reassurance . I told him to chill – and continue to enjoy at strip bars, Hooters and elsewhere.


I am glad that he has followed my advice and Indian mantra ” Let others go to dogs — we will play Harmonium” . He is now secure in his business of choice ' at travel industry in Sunshine state of Florida -with sun 300 days of the year – away from where he grew up (DC). He went to Miami (2000 miles away when I moved to Virginia state to work). Now plans to study software programming!! at suggestion of his senior colleague (he dropped out of college long back) 


I still recall my Jesuit school senior who committed suicide while in  grade 11 with a note “I can never fulfill my parents expectations”  . His parents were both teachers at India's second finest girls' school – in the city http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maharani_Gayatri_Devi_Girls%E2%80%99_Public_School . They were not happy that he did not get the main part in the school play (he was already the class topper in studies) . My father had told me that info. then.





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  1. God knows where we all are heading this way!! Things u do and things u dont do under pressure..will it ever stop?? And the guilt trips u r made to take everytime.

  2. Being helpless and leaving it on God is not a viable solution –not the American way atleast. US univs have counsellors to advise students -even at MIT, Harvard

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