WIthdrawal of fast by missing ULFA wives

With due respect to all concerned, the drama and fuss enacted with the recent fast-until-death program taken up by the wives of  ULFA members who went missing during the  Butan  opeartion and subsequent withdrawal of the fast program by the  perticipents, as a peace loving mass of Assam, we have observed that various oppotunist elements have been trying to gain mileage from the entire episode.
As a resident of a democratic country, we have every right to ask our govt regarding the where-about of any missing person and the elected govt must provide us information related to that. Various organisations have taken their time-out while demanding for the issue.
Have we ever trying to calculate the time, mandays, manhour is being wasted for issues like this ? A very disturbing trend is that we with the tag of “lahe lahe jati” and practically with NIL work culture has no other work but have lots of time with these fictious issues. May I get an answer from  anyone, what those ULFA mens' contribution towards our society who while fleeing from their foriegn hide-out either got killed and  trapped by our sucurity personnel. All of us now realise  that  ULFA  has  basically  put Assam as ransom to Bangladesh while the ULFA top brass taking safe shelter with these jihadi host. Why should we waste our valuable time to get an answer from govt for a bunch of crooks who put Assam behind by atleast 20 years comparing to other region. My sympathy is with those ladies and the kids who are trying to locate their dear ones (ULFA), but I donot see any justification on raising a hue & cry by all of us for that. Leave apart those politicians and opprtunist organisations'  office-bearers, it is their lively-hood, their bread & butter to have personnel gain by creating some issues.
Should I ask you one very simple thing … a dacoit has entered your home with the intension of looting you, to rape your dear ones .. he got killed by somebody during the process… Now if the decoit's wife and some other people ask GOVT, why this decoit got killed ?!! They ask for compensation, a job for the wife or son …!!  We never know, this  may happen tomorrow … !!  Because  all of  us have rights … Human Rights !!!

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