DO you know – just by upgrading your hard dsk of your PC or laptop, the performance enhances phenomenally. A user can choose to go for SSD or HDD according to his/her preferences.

SSDs are expensive, but with years of experience with computers, I will prefer SSDs instead of a hard disk with TB’s of space.

Here’s the key comparison table for your reference:

Key ParametersHDDSSD
Access TimeHas access time of 5.5 ~8.0 msHas Access time of 0.1ms
Random I/O PerformanceReach up to 400 io/sDelivers 6000 io/s
ReliabilityFailure Rate 2~5 %Failure Rate 0.5%
Energy SavingsConsumes between 6 & 15 wattsConsumes between 2 & 5 Watts
CPU PowerAverage I/O wait is 7%Has average wait time of 1 %
Input / Output Request TimesAverage time is 400 ~ 500 msAverage Service time 20 ms

How does the HDDs and SSDs look ?

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