Culture.Dance - Bashu.Festival.Dima Hasao

Manipur - Boat competition at Loktak Lake

Picnic - Indo-Bangla-Border-Garo Hills

Mizoram - Valley in the hills

Nagaland - Hornbill Festival Kohima


DO you know – just by upgrading your hard dsk of your PC or laptop, the performance enhances phenomenally. A user can choose to go for SSD or HDD according to his/her preferences. SSDs are expensive, but with years of experience with computers, I will prefer SSDs instead of a hard disk…

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WIthdrawal of fast by missing ULFA wives

With due respect to all concerned, the drama and fuss enacted with the recent fast-until-death program taken up by the wives of  ULFA members who went missing during the  Butan  opeartion and subsequent withdrawal of the fast program by the  perticipents, as a peace loving mass of Assam, we have…

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Assamese Songs in Roman Script

Assamese Timeless Songs in Roman Script: Music is secular that transcends all hurdles. Because of the rapid development of English as the medium of instruction in school and colleges of Assam, the new generation of Assamese, although equipped to speak the language, fails to rear the tongue. Yet there is…

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চিটি বাছবোৰ আকৌ বগা হ’ল

বিহূৰ পাছৰ সপ্তাহটোত গুৱাহাটীলৈ গৈছিলো | মোৰ বন্ধু শঙ্কৰৰ বিয়া আছিল | মোৰ বিয়াত সি সখি হৈছিল | সেয়েহে প্ৰতিশ্ৰুতি মতে সূদূৰ দিল্লীৰ পৰা গাঁঠিৰ ধন ভাঙি বিয়াখনলৈ গৈ কৰ্তব্য পালন কৰিলো | আজিকালি দিল্লীৰ পৰা প্ৰত্যুষতে এখন ফ্লাইট আছে | পুৱা ৫:৩০ বজাত যায় | গুৱাহাটীত তেতিয়া পোহৰ হ’লেও…

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Being Single

The immediately mentionable aspects of being single would be The amazing feeling of freedom that one has The sickening pitying/sympathizing attitude that other people adopt towards a someone who is single, assuming that the person is single because of a lack of something and it being beyond their mental capacity…

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rummaged thoughts

I had heard so much about him that when on one fine wintry evening I chanced upon to meet him, I felt I was meeting someone I had always known. Except for one dismal factor. He didn’t quite exactly look the way I had thought. Only if that was something…

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