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  • Assamese Songs in Roman Script

    Assamese Timeless Songs in Roman Script: Music is secular that transcends all hurdles. Because of the rapid development of English as the medium of instruction in school and colleges of Assam, the new generation of Assamese, although equipped to speak the language, fails to rear the tongue. Yet there is hope for the interested English […]

  • চিটি বাছবোৰ আকৌ বগা হ’ল

    বিহূৰ পাছৰ সপ্তাহটোত গুৱাহাটীলৈ গৈছিলো | মোৰ বন্ধু শঙ্কৰৰ বিয়া আছিল | মোৰ বিয়াত সি সখি হৈছিল | সেয়েহে প্ৰতিশ্ৰুতি মতে সূদূৰ দিল্লীৰ পৰা গাঁঠিৰ ধন ভাঙি বিয়াখনলৈ গৈ কৰ্তব্য পালন কৰিলো | আজিকালি দিল্লীৰ পৰা প্ৰত্যুষতে এখন ফ্লাইট আছে | পুৱা ৫:৩০ বজাত যায় | গুৱাহাটীত তেতিয়া পোহৰ হ’লেও দিল্লীত ৰাতিয়েই হৈ থাকে | […]

  • Being Single

    The immediately mentionable aspects of being single would be The amazing feeling of freedom that one has The sickening pitying/sympathizing attitude that other people adopt towards a someone who is single, assuming that the person is single because of a lack of something and it being beyond their mental capacity to think that it can […]

  • Three sides to a story- Mine… His… & the Truth

    Part I – Mine   I was sore. I was miffed. And I had reasons to be. Somehow I managed to put up a spirited and nonchalant image. But deep within the wounds weren’t nursed back to health as yet. And I knew this would take time. I tried to do things that would deviate […]

  • rummaged thoughts

    I had heard so much about him that when on one fine wintry evening I chanced upon to meet him, I felt I was meeting someone I had always known. Except for one dismal factor. He didn’t quite exactly look the way I had thought. Only if that was something of a major concern, for […]

  • DC news: Indian prof. and student shot with 31 others – 200 miles from White House

    So sad but strange also that I am pretty close to where it all happened. My take is that like many students all over the world under pressure he freaked out.    Perhaps, he wanted to study English but was under pressure to study engineering -Thats why he went to  Virginia Tech. His sister went […]

  • Memoirs of A Geisha

    There are some books and there are some books……..The other day I completed reading Memoirs of A Geisha finally. I started it the day I boarded on my flight to Mumbai via Kolkata and via Jaipur ( that’s the problem being a staff; you cannot but travel the route your airline flies!!) That’s a 7 […]

  • First Impression

      The pavements of big cities not only give shelter to the homeless but also to things of intellectual curiosity-books and films. In a recent trip to Chennai I bought around 40 DVDs containing roughly about 150 films. They are masterpieces of world cinema not available in the VCD/DVD parlours and shops-not even in those […]

  • 2 u all

    ###happy bihu 2 u all###                   

  • Un-sung Heros

    You see there is something known as “love as first sight”. But do you really believe in? Am I asking you? You betcha! I am! And I ask myself the same thing. Do I really believe in love at first sight? …. uummmm! well I never did… it really didn't happen to me except for […]

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