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  • ReMeMbeRiNg mY daYs oF YorE!!

    In a not so distant past, I enjoyed being ill…it allowed me to dodge studies with Damni’s reluctant approval…Those evenings are my most memorable ones. Maa would pamper me generously and Damni, as always, would be suspicious about whether my sickness is for real or feigned. My return to reality after those “Oh-what-a-wonderful-life” days would […]

  • Good tidings for Bob Woolmer

    বব ৱুলমাৰলৈ এটা সুখবৰ ডিচেম্বৰ মাহত “এখন নেখেলা খেল” বুলি এটা ব্লগ লিখিছিলোঁ| তাৰ ঠিক পাছতেই আমাৰ বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়খন ৰাষ্ট্ৰীয় (আমেৰিকান) ফুটবলৰ চেম্পিয়ন হয়| সেইদিনা ৰাতি আমাৰ ইয়াত চবৰে যি ফূৰ্ত্তি| আমি কেইটামানে খেল শেষ হোৱাৰ ১০ মিনিটমান আগতে গম পালোঁ যে আজি আমাৰ জিকা ধুৰূপ| গতিকে লগে লগে দৌৰ মাৰিলোঁ য়ুনিভাৰ্চিটি এভিনিউলৈ| তাত এটা দুটা […]

  • Black Widow (Not a poem !)

    BLACK WIDOW   Joy and happiness That shower in Makes me feel complete Fragrance of pure love Trickles by my heart I nurture my sweet dreams And snatch the colors dancing in the air I hold your hand And whisper Isn’t this a beautiful world…… Just as I try to hold that moment forever The […]

  • A small piece

    I just returned from a week long vacation from Guwahati. I visit it perhaps twice or if I'm lucky, thrice a year. The slow but steady changes in the city, good and bad, strike me on every visit – just as it would any other infrequent visitor. I'll dwell on those some other time, because […]

  • My stints with Assam Sahitya Sabha

    Till date I had only been to 2 sessions of Asom Sahitya Sabha. One a very pleasant experience , the other….I think thats more real these days . My first visit was to the Doomdooma meeting/ exhibition / session. Mahim Bora was the president that year.I went with my family from Dibrugarh. We had planned […]

  • Atlast!!! Q & A for Hindu school students!!

    Atlast I have found a Q & A for minority Hindu school students  – which parents should instruct their kids -to fend off queries about their faith from curious (and even unfriendly majority peers etc).   Mr A: Are you a Buddhist? Mr B: Hey no! He is … Mr A: Oh I get it, India […]

  • myself

    hi this is me.if you like me u r welcome as a freind.

  • work hard party much harder

    hey freinds im cuming up with a new blog of mine. write down ur entries and nething u wanna no about me and my life or ne experiences u wanna share with me………………. i 'll be waiting……….

  • Bill Gates on Education: US Congressional hearing   March 7, 2007U.S. Senate Committee Hearing Washington, D.C. Written Testimony by Bill Gates, co-chair Editor's note: Bill Gates was invited to provide testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions on March 7, 2007. Below is an excerpt of his written testimony as it relates to the foundation's work to […]

  • storm at CIES/ Intl Edu./Banglas defeat Indians/Pied Piper of Malawi

    From last Sunday:   Just after watching the Oscars and seeing Water, Pursuit of Happyness and Superman go down while the Queen (of England), The King (of Scotland) and etc etc reign supreme – I feel still thrilled by the days events which seem more dramatic than any of the movie-clippings shown at the Oscars. […]

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