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  • Calendar, etc.

    Some new functionalities have been added since my last post: Calendar: on some selected templates (having right or left column), a calendar with clickable links to entries on a particular date. You can see the calendar on the right column of this blog.So, if you want to show a calendar, please select a new template […]

  • Abortion – who should not be allowed for it -except bitches or cow

    Hi,   In spare time I have been reading some love stories in DC's MLK Public library – in an effort to understand the female psyche in US. Ofcourse the themes have changed since Mills and Boon's romance novels — to include cyber porn hungry husbands, casual sex for hooking up —   but there […]



  • Rethink from factory to Kabariwala

    Delhi alone accounts 1/8th of Total Vehicle Population (TVP) in India. The total number of vehicles in Delhi (27.0 lacs) was more than number of vehicles in cities of Mumbai (7.24 lacs), Calcutta (5.61 lacs) and Chennai (8.12 lacs) put together during 1995. The total no. of 2 W in Delhi (14.03 lacs) was about […]

  • Khalistani Sikhs – digging their own graves in DC

    Hi,   While returning from my visit to Worlkd Bank HQ on H and I streets NW – towards Martin Luther King DC Public library at China Town on G street – I happened to see a strange spectacle in a park on H street – which somehow reminded me of Punjab. Lots of Sikhs in flowing […]

  • part 1 – my job search started – after temple visit and parties

    Hi,   After my first temple visit on East coast in US (huge temple just close to my place) – and thrid in the past 10 months, followed by a luch and movies at my room mates's parents' place – in US army ( my room mate has an awful habit of speaking out in Arabic […]

  • 4th Update

    The homepage has been restructured. The static image will soon be replaced with an image rotating script.

  • জাপানী চুশ্চি.

    আমেৰিকাত মই খাই ভালপোৱা এটা বস্তু হল চুশ্চি. মোৰ জাপানী বন্ধু মুটচু্অই ঘৰতে বনোৱা চুশ্চি ওপৰত.

  • দেটনা বিচ্চ

    মই আৰু জিমি দেটনা বিচ্চত

  • অসমীয়া অনলাইন

    লিনাক্সত অসমীয়াত অনলাইন অনুবাদ অলপ হৈছে, অধিক জানিবলৈ ইয়াত টিপক

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